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The term ‘special transport’ refers to the movement of commodities or objects that cannot be moved by conventional mode of transport. In road transports, there are size ( length, width, height) and weight restrictions, thus objects above those limits require specialized equipment and knowledge

A great part of our business activities consists of special transports. Nowadays, in many industrial projects there is an increasing need for objects with greatest dimensions and weight. As a result, we have to cope with the challenges we face complying with safety regulations.

The company owns a wide range of vehicles, such as trucks and trailers on which pieces of equipment can be adjusted. On every project we optimize the composition of our fleet in order to provide the best solution to our customers’ needs.

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Prior to the execution of every transport several tests are conducted on the road network in order to find the most optimized route. Furthermore, with the use of special software we calculate the axis weighing.

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